Digital Trust, Complexity and Safety

In this age of user-generated content, discover how to use a consistent approach to overcome the challenges of moderation and user trust. Join Akash Pugalia to learn a single, consistent view of how the concept of "trust" can be applied to a broad spectrum of business and technology-related areas; convergent communication, data labeling, digital security, artificial intelligence, entertainment, e-commerce, e-government, and many more. 

Akash Pugalia

Global Trust and Safety President at Teleperformance

26 minutes

About “Leader Insights Forum”

Organized and curated by Teleperformance (CAC40, TEP:FP Paris), the Leader Insights Forum is an invite-only, exclusive event that has been bringing together high-level attendees from over 30 countries since 2017. Its previous editions brought together a community of hundreds of restless minds united by their passion for Customer Experience.

In 2021 the Leader Insights Forum went virtual for the second consecutive year. With this year's theme is "From Survive to Thrive" we presented the global thriver's post-crisis success playbook as a set of actionable insights, tactical advice, and tools for consideration throughout the transition towards thriving.

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As online data and content grow, businesses are subject to content errors and crimes that harm their reputation, customers, and bottom line. Teleperformance Trust & Safety services use technical know-how, the human touch, and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure the right content is posted in the right places at the right time and safeguard environments for genuine users.


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